Bachelor In Paradise, The Bachelor Spin-Off Has Surpassed Audience Records

The return of participants who have been eliminated throughout from The Bachelorand The Bachelorette’s past five seasons on one show, may be the key factor that caused the TV show, Bachelor in Paradise, to connect even deeper with its mostly adult audience and break audience records in the United States.

Often, those differentiating touches on an established television program are necessary to give their ratings a boost, as well as recover lost audiences.

Each of the season’s fans were pleased to see their favorite couples on screen again and to witness the contestant’s new chance at finding true love. The search for a partner through reality shows has become a large boom in the entertainment industry, especially in television, being the reason why many shows with several seasons fitting this theme have aired.

It seems that this type of programming captivates a high percentage of the Latin American adult audience, between ages 18 and 49. This requires constant renewals and varied versions of the same project, adding segments, new episodes, and nouns to the original name of the show that will add a touch of innovation and renewal.

Audiences are curious and always looking for new things, which is why it is necessary to bet on renewals and break paradigms in order to successfully innovate with creativity and quality. This must be a rule, not only in television, but in the entire entertainment industry as it is one of the most complex and competitive industries in terms of markets.

The need for innovation, originality and creativity must be implicit in every strategy outlined within the industry. Therefore, the creators of this series and all other television series are responsible for ensuring that their show’s attention grasp is not lost.  However, ensuring that ingenuity isn’t lost is not an easy task for industry professionals. Only by understanding the importance of strategy, the true meaning of creativity and the specific activities that define the innovation process will more professionals be truly prepared for this challenge.

ABC chose a location just 40 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta as the setting to develop this new version of The Bachelor. Ten men and ten women will travel to Playa Escondida, in Sayulita, Mexico to live this great experience. The luxurious complex where the show will be taking place has the perfect combination of settings to find true love; a private paradise beach with jungles, a swimming pool, spas and a bar that will always remain open for all of the stellar participants.

In August, Bachelor in Paradisebegan airing and subsequently helped extend the network's run by placing itself in the top spots with the adult audience on Monday nights for more than 11 weeks. But giving ABC good ratings is not the only thing that Bachelor in Paradisehas done, it has also increased its advertising revenue, generating $51.5 million, and remained a trend on social media networks for several hours.

Out the previous seven seasons of The Bachelorand The The Bachelorette  seven couples have been engaged, three have married and two have become parents. This season several of the eliminated participants returned for the third or second time to the show, rebuilding existing relationships and bonds, while others ventured out to meet new people.

The secret to the resounding success behind the Spin-off, Bachelor in Paradise, is the idea of how to identify a market condition in order to introduce a surprising element and stay relevant. This is what allows it to place itself at the top of the creative and innovative game. It all revolves around stories that can engage the audience and how foresighted the industry is in delivering this content at the right time. Creating a production on the basis of a well-established show led to the discovery of a new way to enhance the idea and the most valuable result, regardless of how you rate the series, is shown in the ratings.

Before a show reaches an audience and is successful, it must be innovative and creative according to basic standards first. Industry experts define them as standards based on what they know, the target audience and market demand. And this is what happened with the spin-off Bachelor in Paradise.

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