Call Of Duty Brings More Competition Into The World Of Video Games

The video game Industry has become the most profitable in the Entertainment world ranking well above film, music and television, achieving more than 100 billion dollars in global profits in 2017, and growing by more than 25 % since 2015 to this date. The early days of this industry go back to the creation of the first video game in the 50’s, but it wouldn’t be until the 80’s that the concept would become massive and the industry would grow to become what it is nowadays. All this time was necessary for the invention of the video game to be validated by the market, thus turning into an innovation.

That is why every franchise must depend on renewal within the field. Every day, thousands of updates are born from these famous sagas, regardless of whether these are online, or through video consoles.

Call of Duty Blackout, (COD), Fortniteand PUBG, are combat games that are setting trends in the gamer world. The first will launch its fourth version in the coming months, and its fans have already preordered its beta version. With this new update, CODwill compete against Fortnite, which is qualified by some gamers and sites specializing in video games as the most played of recent times.

Although their game formats are different, and each has its own audience, the CODsaga has fallen behind Fortnite, which came out last year, becoming the favorite of many due to the innovations it presented, which captivated young and old players.

In the case of CODand PUBG, both give players get the chance to build their own shelters, with the added adrenaline of a time limit in which they must compete with the 99 opponents with whom they share each battle, in order to be successful.

Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale Trailer

That is why the fourth part of Call of Duty Blackoutis dedicated to satisfying this sector of fans of the saga, who now prefer Fortnite, which offers a Battle Royaleversion, the most popular genre of 2018, showing great innovations, new tools, game fields, the biggest map of the saga of all time, and the possibility of playing in a more real world, considering it is a video game that can only be played from the first-person perspective. CODis still a leader in the First-person shooter style.

"It is possible that Call of Duty Blackout 4can displace Fortnite, mainly because the little that we have seen of this game, both in its beta version and in the trailer, leaves a lot to think about, and there are many new features that make the game seem like the best version Call of Dutyhas launched. In addition, it is a much more real game than Fortnite, and has thousands of other elements, which could make Call of Dutyreturn to occupy the first place," said Manuel de San Martin, a gamer for more than 10 years.

The video game industry, one of the most in-demand industries by young people, is forced to update and renew all the time so as not to be left behind in terms of technological advances. The number of games that exist today on the market is basically incalculable, but even less calculable are the innovations that are included in each of the sagas.

Today, 90% of video games are realistic; so realistic that they’re the closest thing to real life that the entertainment industry has. Landscapes, characters, visual elements and sound effects move players through a world that is just like the one they see when they are far from the screen.

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has confirmed that the game had reached 3.4 million active users, which is a lot, taking into account that PUBG, Fortnite'stop competitor in terms of Battle Royalegames, has an average of 1.5 million simultaneous players. The latest version of Call of Duty, Black Ops 3, has reached more than 250 million downloads. We’re still waiting to see how Blackout 4 will measure up.

Tyler Blevins @Ninja, the professional e-sports player of the moment, playing the Beta version of CoD Battle Royale

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