Character “Exits” Increase Viewer Interest In Tv Series And Movies

In the latest trailer of the famous series The Walking Dead, the death of their central character, Rick Grimes, is revealed. It is also rumored that The Avengers will lose Captain America. This seems to be a new strategy amongst producers to boost the curiosity of viewers upon the arrival of their latest releases.

The premiere of any audiovisual piece is preceded by advertising campaigns that seek to capture the attention of the widest possible audience. One of the main strategies in film marketing are intrigue campaigns, where isolated elements are presented so that the audience, out of curiosity, could approach the content.

The ninth season of The Walking Dead, has begun and many were eagerly awaiting the trailers to get an idea of what they would see in the upcoming weeks, but nobody expected that thetrailerwould provide more information than they wanted to receive: the final subtitle announces that this season episodes will be Rick Grimes’ last as a part of the cast.

It's normal that in a series like The Walking Dead, or Games of Thrones, the possibilities and fear that some of the main characters could die are always present. But revealing exactly who it will be just before the start of the season is a bit risky, especially in an audience that had avoided spoilers at all costs.

This innovative strategy’s aim is to win back the audience that has been lost in previous seasons or to gather more spectators. This way, from the beginning of this season and week after week, the audience will be attentive in order to find out when, how, where and who is responsible for the death of Rick Grimes, (central character of The Walking Dead) who’s also the leader in each of the episode’s missions.

If the season is successful, this new advertising tactic will be replicated in other universes and sagas of the audiovisual spectrum. Perhaps it can be applied during the eighth season of Game of Thronesor to the long-awaited outcome of Avengers: Infinity War, that left many unanswered questions regarding the deaths of several characters.

The truth will be known after the receptivity analysis of The Walking Dead’s audience.

Photo: FayerWayer. Chris Evans has played Captain America in the following movies: The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier and Civil War, in addition to The Avengers, Age of Ultron and other multiple special appearances.

In the case of The Avengers: Infinity War, Chris Evans, who has played Captain America for 8years announced that he finished shooting Avengers 4with an emotional message that appears to be a farewell, or at least that’s how the message was interpreted by Marvel fans.

The actor mentioned on his Twitter account that shooting for Avenger 4 had concluded and commented that it had been an honor to play the iconic and honorable hero. "We officially finished Avengers 4. It was an emotional day to say the least. Playing this role for the past eight years has been an honor. To everyone in front of the camera, behind the camera and to the audience, thank you for the memories! Eternally grateful¨.

Most have understood this message as a farewell and believe that Evans will never wear the costume of Captain Americain the Marvel Cinematographic Universeagain, while others consider it a simple thank you and expect to continue seeing him play Steve Rogers. It should be remembered that Evans has previously hinted at a possible exit from MCU.

Although fans believe that his exit would be a hard blow to the movies because his character is key in the formula of success for The Avengers, the most analytical point that the creators will take advantage of during this closing cycle with the characters that have accompanied them for years, is to give way to a new generation of heroes who have not had as much time on screen as Spiderman, Christina Strain, Ant Man or Captain Marvel himself. This will generate new arguments and extend the life cycle of the audiovisual production.

The truth is that both The Walking Deadand The Avengershave had a life cycle that has been extended in time, because new seasons have driven the incorporation of new plots, details and even characters that lead to introduce new situations that surprise the audience. The announced departure of important characters could be a strategy to consolidate them and keep their audience captive to the expectation of new stories that will surprise them.


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