Do We Really Discuss The Content We Like?

According to a NetBase report, there is more interaction on social networks about YouTube and DirectvNow than about Netflix.

In digital environments, statisticsare of vital importance, especially for activities related to marketing, and the strategies used to achieve marketing objectives. Data, such as the number of increase or decrease of followers, or the impressions of users in publications, can influence the type of content that will be developed. They are almost always useful uniquely to the account being evaluated.

However, there are also studies that analyze the behavior of users based on their preferences, levels of loyalty, awareness of the choice of a particular brand over others, and the conversations that surround these factors. Netbase, a leading company which focuses on the analysis of web content, specifically social networks, has published a report that includes indicators about the entertainment world.

In general terms,the reportmanaged to define user preferences, divided into four categories: digital media, with The New York Timesand The Guardianbeing the main ones; sports, most typically characterised by the watching and attending of games by users; transmission, placing YouTubeat the top, then followed by DirectvNow, HBOGO, Spotifyand Netflix;and TV networks, where shows like Game of Thronesand The Walking Deadfight for the first place.

Although the report presents relevant information, it also generates curiosity about how many people actually converse or interact publicly with content related to brands, programs, artists or topics of interest. For example, a user's behavior on social networks is often limited to sharing, commenting or labeling people on memes. For example, when a user comments on the photo of a family member or friend.

In this report, Netbase focuses its interest on the user interactions within the four categories mentioned above. That is, whether these interactions are are positive or negative, whether they demonstrate passion for the brand, or whether you admire the celebrity in question. Because it's not just about whether you follow certain accounts, but about the type of interaction you have on these accounts.

It is curious that Netflix, the top representative of streaming content, is below YouTube, DirectvNow, HboGo and even Spotify, but we must remember that these indicators reflect the loyalty of the people who follow those brands and the level of conversation they generate about them. Netflix also experiences interaction with its users. So much, that sometimes the result is unfavorable. One example of this is the Twitter user who initiated a petition on Change.Org to stop the August 10th release of the Netflix show "Insatiable", because they have been accused of making fun of overweight people. 225,000 signatures have been collected onthe petition.

The petition states that the series encourages young women to "judge their value based on their bodies" and "perpetuate not only the toxicity of diet culture but also control over the female body." In fact, Netflix users point out that the series, starring Alyssa Milano and Debby Ryan, presents an obese teenager who is teased by her classmates. After achieving thinness, she only dreams of one thing: revenge.

The streaming giant also was the subject of controversy a few months ago because of another show, "13 Reasons Why", accused of encouraging teen suicide. At a time when social network users and on-demand TV services are eager to control content, the observation of the public is constantly growing.

It could be said that this surveillance has positive results, such as revealing the opinion of the public, knowing how loyal they are to their preferences, and improving new content in regards to social dynamics in the digital environment. All of this allows service providers to analyze the market, while simultaneously giving users increasingly personalized audiovisual content.

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