Euronews launches Albanian franchise airing in 2019

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This launch marks the first ever Euronews Group franchise.

Albania, a country located in the south-east of Europe with almost three million inhabitants, will be the protagonist of Euronews' first attempt to launch a franchise on its continent with the support of IN Media, a television channel dedicated to young audiences in that region, together with IN Radio 105.7 FM.

Although there is no set date in which Euronews Albania will start broadcasting, it is known that it will reach the market in 2019. Euronews Albania is expected to run along the same editorial line as its main house in 30-minute news blocks that will vary between News, Economy, Sport, Europeans, Le Mag, Rendez-vous, Questions for Europe, No comment, Meteorological Information and Perspectives.

"It is a testament to the strength of Euronews, which has undergone significant positive changes in recent years, as we continue to grow as an international media outlet while remaining relevant to the local public. These new franchise agreements contribute to our strong strategic ambition to position Euronews as the 'first global media in Europe and the world," MichaelPeters, CEO of Euronews, mentioned during a press conference.

Theodhori Cami, President of IN Media Group, admitted that "the credit for the launch of Euronews Albania is not only given to In Media Group, but also to all Albanians who will be part of a completely new project based on global experience and credibility. This will offer a unique media standard like no other in the region.”

This innovative launch on behalf of Euronews, who for the last 25 years have been dedicated to covering news from the European continent, is a good example of a concept that caught the audience’s attention and grew with it. It is also an example of an original program concept that, over time, was validated by the European public, its natural market and since then, has been growing, generating a process of expansion that has not stopped.

This is how Euronews expanded its frontiers and currently broadcasts in 102 countries throughout Europe as well as parts of America and Africa for 24 hours a day in 11 languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German, English, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Ukrainian.

Euronews’ first broadcast was in January 1993, and it now plans to open up one more space for its content in Albania with local staff. The recruitment campaign that is expected to consolidate at least 100 new jobs has already began.  

Thus, Euronews Albania, which is 25% owned by NBC, will be dedicated to audiences in Albania, Kosovo, northern Macedonia and Montenegro, along with its associated digital platform,which transmits the same news content.

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