Fortnite Is Perfected Making Life Easier For Gamers And Content Creators

Success has been influenced by many things, but without a doubt, its presence on video and streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch have been the most contributing factors.

With Epic Games' Battle Royale, content creators such as Ninja or the Spaniard, Lolito, have grown exponentially, which is part of the reason the company is now going to support them.

"Support a creator" is an initiative that will be around until December 31st. Epic Games wants youtubers and Twitch or Mixer platform streamers to earn real money every time their followers spend paVos (the game’s currency) in Fortnite.

 Epic Games explained that each player will be able to choose the creator they want to support. While they’re actually following them, all their spending within the videogame will benefit the content creator, who will be earning 5 dollars out of every 10,000 paVos spent by his or her followers.

However, it is not easy to earn the privilege to be one of these creators. One of the requirements states that the company has to have more than 1,000 followers on an important social media network and that the gamer has published content related to the video game on a regular basis, for 30 days prior to the start of the event.

New gaming tool

Fortnite continues to position itself as one of the favorite games for battle game fans. That's why its creators are looking for thousands of ways to innovate and add new elements to their game, in order to keep their fans connected longer, gain their loyalty and finally but most importantly, to prevent them from returning to games that have traditionally set the trend in this branch such as Call of Dutyor PUBG.

For that same reason, they added the Shockwave, a grenade which gamers can use to neutralize their enemies and even destroy the structures they have built to protect themselves. Its purpose and effectivity are a topic of debate among players, because while some see it as a great help and enjoy new tools as functional as this one, others believe that it is no longer useful as their opponents quickly find ways to avoid them. In the case of the grenade, it reflects a technological advance that allows greater performance and interaction between gamers.

Andrés Martos, a videogame enthusiast, assures that it’s a super useful tool and that he utilizes it quite frequently. "I wish there were a lot more inside the game because it can be used either to run away or to destroy structures, or even when you have an enemy nearby. Currently, they included pets in the camp campaign, dark stones and changed the map a bit.

Carlos Augusto Gonzalez, a gamer and battle game enthusiast, says Shockwave "isn't very useful because it's not far away, and players already have enough methods to avoid it. Empirically, they take them out in the same way, by playing and analyzing how they work, for example, building something in front of the grenade nullifies the effect; especially in this game, where a structure can be built in a second.

For Martos "Fornite combined many elements from several other games, like PUBG’s gameplay but with an animation of its own and the construction elements, which no other game has. I would say that Fortnite has everything. However, it doesn't compare to Call of Duty because it's a very good game that has been on the market for more than 13 years.”

Fortnite for Android and new season

Another innovation that has been added to Epic Games, is the incorporation of Fortnite for teams with Android system on high-end devices. Despite not being included in the PlayStore, it managed to add more than 15 million downloads since its launch, becomingPUBG MOBILE’s direct competitor.

The game also launched its sixth season, which has been called Darkness Rises, perhaps because of the proximity of Halloween. The theme of the saga on this occasion shows a dark atmosphere that will undergo weekly challenges for its players, and in addition to the elements mentioned above, it will also include new music that can be customized, and finally, a phase in which players can be enter "dark" form, which will allow them to be a hidden ghost for up to 4.5 seconds.

Fortnite has continued to grow in fame, fans and innovative ideas. It is now up to the previously established games to break this attraction that at first sight, has left many gamers in love, and recuperate their lost audiences in the process.

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