Fortnite, K-Pop And Face-Revealing Videos Set Dizzying Trend On Youtube

The most famous representatives of K-Pop nowadays are BTS, who had huge impact with their Billboard presentation.

Earnest Pettie, a YouTube trend analyst who studies which videos attract the interest of viewers, has highlighted a current trend involving three types of videos, which have been revealed on the social network as having the highest number of transmission hours per day (more than 180 million hours).

The video game Fortnite, developed by  Epic Games, is a software package that presents different play modes, but they share the same mechanics and the same general game engine. Among them are the versions Save the World and the spin-off Battle Royale, which have become one of the biggest game trends on YouTube.

Fortnite has two game modes, although each game uses the same engine and has very similar graphics, artistic resources and game mechanics. The first mode is player vs. environment with four players collaborating to achieve a common goal. The second mode, deals with a competition of up to 100 players, alone or in squads of two to four members. Both game modes give the player the possibility to knock down existing structures on the map to collect basic resources, from which they can build fortification pieces, such as walls, floors, stairs, among others.

In February of this year, Fortnite videos set the record for the most videos uploaded to YouTube in a month, above videos related to Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft. The Fortnite videos are seconds in playback time generated from those uploads after the Minecraft-related videos.

called a Save the World and Battle Royale spin-off, has emerged as one of the biggest gaming trends on YouTube. In February of this year, the Fortnite videos set the record for the most uploaded videos in a month, over videos related to Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft. Fortnite videos are second in terms of the playback time generated from those loads after videos related to Minecraft.

Steve Asarch, also a video analyst on YouTube, explains that the success of Fortnite is based on the fact that you can play by switching from one device to another.

Since July of last year, when the company Epic Gamesreleased its final version, Fornite and its spin-off mode, Battle Royale, set several records in the digital world: 3.4 million peopleplayed at the same time, and the game obtained about 45 million total users. But the phenomenon mainly focused on the money raised just in February of this year, the sum of which was $126 million, from sales within the app itself, taking into account that the application is free.

Professional player Tyler "Ninja" Blevins exceeded 14 million subscribers, shortly after becoming the fastest YouTube creator, reaching 10 million subscribers in his channel. "Ninja" got Canadian rapper Drake and other celebrities playing Fortnite with him, breaking a live broadcast record with that particular game session. Ninja has almost three million followers on Twitch, the leading platform for video game broadcasts and the gamebegan to accumulate concurrent viewers, rising by hundreds of thousands, to exceed 600,000 in just half an hour.

Marvel made sure the game coincided with the release of "Avengers: Infinity War." This is an excellent example of how engaging content can charm and seduce consumers and create passionate communities.

Fortnite has created a continuously growing community that attracts new and experienced players from all backgrounds. It has been described as transcending racial and gender boundaries, making it attractive to a wider audience and showing the power of broadly acceptable content.

The scope that Fortnite has had is such that it was considered risky for health, so the University of Scotland that conducted studies in this regard.

Radical innovations

Pettie also describes that another attractive trend that has generated a huge virtual community, which is the wave of cultural Korean content, known as Hallyu. It is defined as the export of Korean culture to the rest of the world, and its greatest exponent is Korean pop, known as K-Pop. K-Pop. It is composed of various Western genres and musical styles, such as rock, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, reggae, EDM, folk, country and classical, over the traditional roots of Korean music. K-pop has been one of the main vehicles for this cultural export, as was seen in the Pyeongchang Olympic Games, in February of this year. Hallyu grew to become a major driver of global culture, because at a time of great geopolitical tension, the celebration in South Korea of ​​the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang marked a new socio-political significance for K-Pop, where Korea was able to exhibit its best known export to the world.

K-Pop was already well known in the United States, thanks to Park Jae-sang, better known as PSY, who became internationally famous for his single "Gangnam Style", the most watched video on YouTube until last summer.

This K-Pop video was also the first to immediately reach 1,000 million visits, then climbing up to 2,000 billion. Although the song was popular, K-pop was not seen as a major cultural force in music in the United States, until the emergence of BTS, the first K-Pop artists to have a No. 1 album in the United States. This band is actually the biggest contributor to YouTube views for K-Pop music.

With YouTube, media content spread rapidly and at the same time all over the world causing surprising reactions and the case of PSY is an example of it. This was not the case in other decades when innovations were taking place in one country and only after many years were they able to cross borders.

New dissemination formulas

Finally, Pettie names face revelation videos as a growing trend on YouTube, the likes of which has never before been seen. The creators of content reveal their faces before the camera for the first time, as a unique manifestation of the creative-public relationship on YouTube. They often use revelation videos as a reward for reaching the milestones of the subscriber count. The popularity of this format has experienced a strong increase of 31X in average monthly increases, between 2014 and 2018.

Many creators also use revelation videos to joke with their subscribd The most popular face revelation video of all timewas released just before April Fool's Day 2017, a practical joke played by the creator, on his audience. The face reveals, in its sincere and humorous form, the depth of the link between the creator and the audience. What is special about face revelation videos? Audiences on YouTube establish relationships with creators, in which they feel they know them and know their friends, a feeling which the creator actively encourages.

Face Reveals have achieved such acceptance that it could become a new genre of proliferation of innovative content that brings creators and followers closer together.

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