Games, Video, Music, Tv And Tech Rights Analyzed At The New York Media Fest 2018

The world's most innovative media technology startups will also attend to establish relationships with key media executives and showcase ideas that will drive the future of entertainment, media and technology.

On October 4 and 5, leading companies in entertainment, content generation, media, and technology will meet in New York to hold the next annual edition of the New York Media Fest (NYME), an event featuring conferences on important topics in the entertainment world, which will surely stimulate discussion and debate. The presentations include full day programs on games, video, music, and RightsTechwith a focus on brands, advertising, monetization and distribution.

One of these one-day events, held as part of the New York Media Festival (NYME), is the NY Games Conference, a main event for senior representatives of game publishers, developers, film studios, advertising firms, venture capitalists, social networks, technology providers, analysts, and the press.

Unlike other industry events, the NY Games Conferencefocuses on bringing together people who are truly interested in the subject, to meet within a lively but contained environment that fosters privacy while building and developing relationships and partnerships.

The NY Games Conferenceincludes two tracks including round table discussions, panels, and presentations on digital games investment, creation, distribution, marketing and monetization. The event brings together many of the best in the industry, for senior sessions and power networks.

The Digital Music Forum, the main event for senior representatives working in the music industry, will also be held. It will include artists, managers, labels, brands, digital services, marketing agencies, festival directors, investors and concert promoters.

Among other topics that will be covered in the two days of conferences is the future of digital music, in which experts will analyze whether radio is still respected, in a world obsessed with the transmission of music and podcasts. Other topics include investment in music, songs developed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), intelligent speakers and dashboards in cars, and the general evolution of artificial intelligence and voice systems as a way for artists to create easily accessible music for consumers.

The Future of Televisionis the main event for representatives of television media, digital studios, cable networks, digital distribution networks, brands, advertising companies and technology providers. The new era of streaming serviceswill likely generate the most interest, given that broadcasting services have been expanding their main operations to streaming platforms, thus including a more diverse type of content. How can companies and brands take advantage of these new formats to create more marketing and monetization opportunities, thus adding value for artists, services and fans alike? This is one of the questions that will be discussed in this meeting.

From movies and music to publications, photography, and fine art, everything will be covered at the RightsTech Annual Summit. The summit will bring together a unique representative sample of artists, engineers, rights owners, entrepreneurs and investors, of all corners of the media industries, to discover and discuss the latest innovations in the management and monetization of media rights. Metadata standards and rights registers to blockchain, content identification, licensing strategies and machine learning will all be discussed at the Summit.

The NYMEwill also bring together various startups, which are emerging companies that have a strong working relationship with the most innovative media technology in the world, to establish relationships with leading media executives.

Great ideas will be shared, thus driving the future of entertainment, media and technology. Some start-up companies will offer talks or lightning presentations on an innovation stage, and will be guest of honor in mixers with the media and entertainment executive networks.

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