HBO promotes the end of The Game of Thrones with intensive Marketing Campaing

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No one knows what will happen in the final season - Season 8 - of The Game of Thrones (GOT) that is about to start. What is known is that for its premiere HBO teamed up with the popular brand of cookies Oreo to promote it and decided to recreate the intro of the series, with the renowned cookie. Yes, with cookies...2,750 to be exact.

Oreo's action with HBO seems to be part of a larger campaign that seeks to be viral with the use of #ForTheThrone. This spot that combines creativity and innovation driven by technology and the story has GOT fan audiences around the world looking forward to the upcoming April 14 premiere.

The creative agency Elastic, got commissioned the intro of the series, and worked for this project in conjunction with the New York agency 360i who was responsible for producing the media piece using stop-motion technique.

For its part, Oreo prepared a special edition for this occasion, redesigning its packaging with the emblems of the coats of arms of the Stark, Targarye and Lannister houses besides the Night King. Fans will be able to show their loyalty to the different houses using the hashtags #GameOfCookies and #ForTheThrone.


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Other brands have also generated successful marketing campaigns around the series, such as PepsiCo's Mountain Dew soda, with limited edition cans to promote the final season of the series.

Taking advantage of the high audience of the Super Bowl, Bud Light launched its thematic spot.

Adidas also joined the Game of Thrones party by presenting a spot with a special edition of sports shoes that it presented through its social networks.


Unlike other series, Game of Thrones does not offer any Product Placement opportunities (an advertising technique that consists of inserting a product,brand or message into the narrative of the program), but that has not prevented the series from being marketed in other ways through  strong merchandising activation and integration of brands via innovative commercials.

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