Msg Networks Partner With Complex Network To Bring New Content To Its Fans

MSG Networksand its entire group of channels decided to increase their programming by forming an alliance with Complex Network. This radically changed the way they created content last year, by renouncing print and going digital, losing at least 10% of their staff and earning at least 810 million reproductions on their digital channels.

The risk of adapting to the current digital age can be seen by some media outlets as a loss. This does not allow them to assume that digital media was replaced long ago by the internet and interactive content that can be accessed, through different electronic devices. They give users many advantages and the option to choose content at their discretion and manage their times and expenses as they wish.

Sports channels in the United States are one of the most expensive packages of television, therefore they are sold individually. There are even special events of different sports categories that are sold independently for those who want to view them.

MSGis one of them, it is also the official channel of at least 10 professional sports teams, including the New York Knicks, the New York Rangers, the New York Islanders, the New York Giants, the Buffalo Bills and the New York Liberty.

Its content is aimed especially at men between the ages of 18 and 24, but now, they will add a little more entertainment that does not step out of their margins (sports-music) to their programming in alliance with Complex and its different digital channels (First We Feast, Pigeons and Planes as well as Sole Collector).

What has been said is that MSG Networks will now broadcast Complex’s original series, which are currently more than 30, daily and weekly, in all its portfolio of brands, after the games with greater audiences and of course, those of its allied teams: Knicks, Rangers, Islanders and New Jersey Devils, spreading the chapters of "Sneaker Shopping", "Hot Ones", "Sean in the Wild", "Complex Closets", "Food Grails", "The Culture" and "Jobs Unlisted" among others.

This program will then feature interviews with well-known artists from music, sports, television and film; endurance tests for celebrities, exploration of diverse culinary worlds and visits to celebrity homes. These new additions drive music and lifestyle, all seen within a singular millennial prism.

One of the fastest ways to determine how a venture works is through its profits. MSG Networks Inc. has posted 12-month final earnings of $3.81 per share, with a 71.80% change in earnings per share this year. Analysts forecast 5.48% for the company next year, according to the Lakeland Observer web portal.

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