MTV launched customizable linear music channel in Spain

MTV decided to perform a radical change to its image and slogan, as well as launch a customizable channel in Spain, an experience the company had previously carried out in France.

Following the line of MyMTV Music France, MTV decided to expand operations in Spain with the launch of a new 24-hour online music channel, that will allow users to customize their playlists and programming, through a catalogue of video clips containing national and international artists, highlights of performances and events such as MTV EMAs and MTV Unplugged, in addition to other exclusive content related to the brand.

MTV, a reference in POP culture for several decades has been characterized by revolutionizing the musical and audiovisual scene, constantly reinventing itself to meet the expectations and taste of their young audience that does not pigeonhole their taste into a single musical style.

This is the reason the company decided to change their image and in addition to changing their slogan, they will launch channels with this special new feature in Europe. A channel offering the same services had previously launched in France (2015) and reached homes throughout the French nation with the creation of 1.8 personalized channels according to MTV records.

That same year, MTV International changed its image and evolved with its fans from “I want my MTV” to “I am my MTV.” The channel opened for a wider audience, thanks to fan-created content that was distributed on-air, about 8,000 times a week around the world.

Since this change, MTV International has launched successful initiatives around its fans, including #MTVBump, which allowed them to post videos that were shown on air in less than two hours; MTV CANVAS, which invited them to create their own MTV-style visual works, including music and wallpapers, among other content; and MTV Cover of the Month, a competition that encouraged fans to cover aparticular song each month, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent on MTV's linear channels and digital platforms around the world.

These innovative ideas, allowed them to become winners of the Best TV Concept Award at the Media Changers Awards by Stratégies 2017, and the Best Recommended Service Award at the Social Media Awards 2016, which led them to expand their coverage, and reach the Spanish market, on this occasion, for the Vodafone TV Online paid service, with the possibility of also covering the Nordic region of Europe and additional territories in 2019.

The channel will be available 24 hours a day, with the aim of finding "new and innovative ways to connect their fans with the music and artists they love," said Bruce Gillmer, global and talent director for Viacom Inc. and the chief executive responsible for what happens at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) and the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) who completed the sentence by saying that "MyMTV does it by putting the power of linear television in the hands of our audience, giving them the power to control their own MTV music channel."

MTV's concept of a continuous 24-hour musical entertainment channel caught the attention of an audience that not only grew little by little, but also identified themselves with the brand and became more and more demanding. The company introduced improvements so that new concepts, such as customizable music channels, were generating new audiences that experienced new events and new emotions.

That is why these new channels created in France and now in Spain, will respond to the demands of that audience who, supported by technology, will be able to enjoy the music of their liking in a punctual way. This concept arises from the birth of an origina lidea and is exploited by MTV.

Now with the launch of MyMTV Spain, the first fully customizable music channel available through Vodafone TV, and the second of its kind in Viacom, this company becomes the fourth largest media conglomerate in the world, behind Comcast, The Walt Disney Company and Time Warner.

Viacom also offers audiovisual production services for film and television, with proprietary fixed companies such as Paramount Pictures, cable and satellite television; MTV Networks, BET Networks and Nickelodeon, one of its mainchannels with Nick Jr. service, an interactive children's channel in the UnitedStates, United Kingdom, Australia, Latin America and Spain, viewed in 5 million homes, and operates over the Internet through Neopets; it also connects to mobile platforms in more than 160 countries around the world, with at least 170 communication networks and 600 million subscribers globally.

"MyMTVMusic Spain is a great project for this company whose center is that music remains a central aspect of MTV's global vision," said Gillmer.

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