Nagra Launches Real-Time Piracy Detector

Creators are always looking for a new project, a new idea that appeals to all types of consumers, no matter how much it costs to achieve imposing themselves in a market as competitive as the one ruled by innovation. In this market, ideas that appear more feasible when it comes to being executed are the ones that will always triumph.

This is why NAGRA, one of the most widely used providers of content protection and multiscreen tv solutions in the United States, has launched NexGuard QuickMark, a system that will generate a watermark for multiscreen video content especially in live sports and Hollywood movies to which its users subscribe. This will allow consumers to avoid one of the most profitable businesses of all time in the television, film, music and internet industry: piracy.

Nagra reported that the NexGuard QuickMarkis a further complement to its initial NexGuard project for set-top-boxes and is part of the organization's anti-piracy package in order to protect its revenue streams while retaining the benefits of video caching. In addition to this service, the provider of content protection and television solutions, also offers AnyCast Connect, a hybrid CAS/DRMsolution for content protection on connected devices including set-top boxes and intelligent televisions. These technologies can be used on all formats, including Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH.

In this case Nagra, is betting on renewal innovating in the services offered to its customers, so its anti-piracy services also include the capture of pirated internet sequences, social media networks and devices providing illicit transmission and feeding them within the platform so that their consumers are not affected by violations or thefts to the content they are subscribed. This continues the fight against an industry that despite being strongly sanctioned in almost every country in the world, remains highly active in the market. Lower prices tempt users to acquire their television services, series and movies on the black market, making this industry very sustainable.

Innovation strategies to attack piracy are advancing and growing in the same way that everything is entering a world that many have access to with just a click of a button, while those who pay thousands of dollars continue to be affected.

NexGuard QuickMark's triumph in the audiovisual industry depends on how far each party goes in the execution and creation of its tools. This innovative discovery obeys a creative strategy of providing an additional service. For now, NexGuard will only be available to premium sports service providers by the end of 2018, with the promise of establishing almost real-time identification of the subscriber at the source of the piracy and the appropriate action to put a stop to it.

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