Spider-Man characters: A New Universe can be seen on TV

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From Peter Parker to the fun Peter Porker, various men and women have given shape to the Spider-Verse, taking on the suit, the powers and abilities of Spider-Man

Maybe that is the reason that Sony, the Spider-Man home for more than a decade, has decided to begin producing an animated TV series with each of the Spider characters that appear in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, because the success that the Lord and Chris Miller film has had since its premiere, which is not only real and measurable, but also because  of the success it has had in the Golden Globes, the BAFTA and the Oscars, as the best animated film. According to the New York Times, Sony is analyzing the possibility of having the arachnid-man cast his web around more spectators in a television series.

It’s clear to the company that each member of the Spider-Man universe is unique, attractive, surprising, interesting, and captures the attention of a public that has followed them for years, and who moves the story forward, creating a successful formula of innovation driven by characters in each new film, which is the reason they have planned to take on this new challenge.

However, besides that, there are many other things that have driven Sony in producing a Spider-Man series for television, for example the original score composed by Danny Elfman, famous as the Spidy musician who combines electronic elements with traditional orchestration and ethnic percussion which immediately takes the movie goer into the Spider-Man  world.

The innovative universe that Spider-Man represents today, has not only been driven characters, but also by the story, the technology, the production design as well as the business model and merchandising strategies, since Sony as much as Marvel certainly have taken advantage of all the options to work together on this variation of the spider universe, that they hope to bring to television and insuring a successful  outcome.

For that to become a reality, Sony and Disney have to sign a license agreement that allows the distributor and producer (Sony) to again generate content related to Spider-Man for television. Remember that in 2009, Sony gave up the television rights in an agreement with Marvel.

Kenichiro Yoshida, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Corporation, explained to the New York Times that the entertainment company doesn’t want to fall behind in a highly competitive market in which Disney already has taken steps to build its own streaming platform, and even DC Comics has started  its own streaming platform that premiered DC Universe. As a result, Sony wants to go one step further and continue finding new ways to innovate and monetize the franchise, pushed by the characters from “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse"

Though there are not many details of the series that will eventually be made, but given more movies of this new universe will be produced, it’s not  hard to imagine that Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen, who won over the hearts  of the fans with “Spider-Man: Into the Spider.Verse” will be the stars, taking advantage  of the character so intelligently portrayed buy Emma Stone.  

In fact, there’s already a sequel in production and plans to create a movie with the fun Spider-ham as main character in which Spider-Gwen and  Miles Morales have a romance. Joaquim Dos Santos will direct with screenplay from David Callaham.

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