The Entertainment Industry And The Need To Train In Innovation

For several years, the entertainment industry has witnessed how the term innovation has taken over our daily lives, has been used as leit motive in upfront presentations and to promote new facilities, successful programs, technological developments and reorganizations.

However, few in the entertainment industry, especially those working in content creation, have received proper training in the field of innovation as a whole. Innovation is usually not taught in universities with communications, film, TV or new digital content curricula and is applied intuitively and not in a structured manner. Innovation is usually confused with technology and gets narrowed in its own essence. But Innovation is the basis of the neuralgic creative process that defines the entertainment industry and its application could be learnt.

Innovation in media content creation is a new intellectual property that provides a new utilitarian experience for an audience, creates a new business model, opens markets and increases the value and profit generation of a media firm. As you can see, it's not just about technology. Technology is just one of the main drivers of content innovation.

Recent graduates from college acquire an important set of skills, but unfortunately, the academic focus on teaching strategic ways to create and how to be innovative in the industry is scarce. This strategic notion is left for other degrees but not for communicators or artists and that’s the problem to be solved.

During my years creating and producing content, working with both junior executives, creators and senior level ones, I noticed, a lack of understanding on how to implement a process of content creation able to yield a mix of innovations (radical or incremental) without getting stuck in just formulas that work. I have seen how people work both following intuitive activities or the dynamics of well-established processes in corporations. I have noticed that until you don't form part of an organization, there is no clear knowledge about the processes to create solid content in this new multiplatform social-digital playground. That's how our industry works and there is a disconnection between academic preparation, the reality of the industry and the process of creation. But what if we knew a methodology beforehand that could easy up your creative process and let you see opportunities in a clearer fashion?

My interest in the subject led me to put in context these ideas, investigate, analyze successful industry breakthroughs and interiorize my own experience until turning Innovation for Media Content Creation into a reality. 7 years have passed, and this initiative have arisen… InnovationMCC.

Since then, we have published the first book on the subject; we are publishing a weekly newsletter with strategic research on innovation in the entertainment industry targeting creative professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. We have presented seminars and masterclasses in companies and universities in London, San Francisco, Miami, Mexico, Los Angeles and NYC, and more recently at Florida International University, where I teach Innovation as adjunct professor in the department of Communications.

Teaching creative professionals in the industry what innovation means and how it is implemented became a life purpose. Content innovation is a profession. It’s key to the functional area of content development in any creative entity and becomes the DNA of the creative process at every level in the content industry.

In order to fulfill this need to teach others how innovation works, I decided to look for a way to massify the idea. Together with a team of professionals, we have created the first online certification program for Innovation in Media Content Creation. A series of 22 courses divided into 5 levels, that after a year in the making, is ready to reach creative professionals, students and curious enthusiasts that are interested in making a career creating content.

Creating, innovating and achieving excellence is not impossible. It requires us to follow certain steps. We must know what innovation means, how it works, how it is implemented and what methodology is implicit.

Through this certificate, I intend to fill the gap that exists at the academic level on the subject and teach creatives the true meaning of innovation. We explain the concept and types of innovation; We talk about methodology and how it can be established in the creative process; we address the importance of being creative and strategic at the same time, because the combination of these elements is what is needed to create successful content.

This Innovation in Content Creation Certificate is the most important thing I have produced to date and with it I intend to help those who dream of leading a creative operation in an entertainment company and those who enjoy putting together content strategies. It is for those who have to implement and manage content creation processes; who are communicators, who want to differentiate themselves, who work in the world of advertising agencies and now need to design content strategies for their brands, for producers in any type of digital platform, for writers and all the creatives of the entertainment industry that are always urged to innovate, pitch innovative concepts and shine by doing so.

Sometimes creative professionals move away from the strategic aspects of the entertainment industry, believing that this concept is alien-like to them. They later understand that strategy is something that should not be left out and is a fundamental value to achieve success and innovations.

This is why I invite you and your creative teams to take a look at the Innovation for Media Content Creation Certification Program and all the initiatives we are working on. This is a core academic subject we all should learn at some point, and it’s never too late to do so.

I am sure I will witness the achievements of many of you in this fantastic world of entertainment and if I was able to somehow help through InnovationMCC, that will be my biggest joy and sense of accomplishment.

So, please contact if you’d like more information on this training opportunity and we will be happy to assist you.

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