Innovation MCC promotes and supports creativity in Miami

Several educational institutions collaborated to create this masterclass, catching the interest of attendees hoping to develop their inventiveness and imaginations

In an educational initiative promoted by Innovation MCC, in collaboration with the Florida International University  (FIU Miami)  and the Miami AD School, a Master Class was held on Friday June 29. The goal was to share ideas on innovation and collaboration.

This event has been promoted for six years in different parts of the world. It was free of charge, and there was widely spread interest in the entertainment industry. A lot of positive feedback was received.

"There was a combination of undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as industry professionals in the audience, including writers, producers, actors, and creatives. There were also educators from the university, so it was a very diverse group," recounts Marlon Quintero, Managing Director of Innovation MCC, a production company specializing in the management of content innovation.

"Part of the goal of this initiative was to help people learn that there are many opportunities on the horizon, and that the concept of innovation can become the key to opening all doors," he adds.

Innovation MCC has been holding seminars, lectures and conferences as a framework for preparing its digital educational platform where users can be certified in innovation for the creation of media content "We decided to create this presentation in collaboration with FIU Miami and Miami Ad School to support and encourage creativity in Miami. This because recently, there have been many people interested and willing to work, but with nowhere to do it," Quintero said.

Other topics covered at the event included the launching of an educational platform, warming the market, approaching people, establishing connections with the advertising industry and within the entire creative community. The next event will be held in Mexico City, followed by London, Los Angeles, and Madrid.

"We want to express our gratitude to all those who came and participated. Stay tuned for more news on the educational platform," concluded Quintero.

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