Walmart begings 2019 with a viral commercial

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A Walmart commercial exclusively released by NBC, set the tone at the 76th edition of the Golden Globes. The U.S. network decided to take cars from symbolic movies whose innovative arguments surprised audiences at the time, to promote their proposal "Order groceries online, pick them up for free, nomatter what you drive.”

This time creativity and strategy were refined to achieve an innovative commercial that went with stories based in other eras, in a way that achieved empathy in all audiences who have seen these films. Walmart has been establishing strategies to compete in the online shopping segment led by Amazon. Walton's company generates new action plans and one of them is the delivery of grocery products in the parking lots of its stores, after customers have already made their purchase online.

Fascinating and surprising, the piece shows an innovative and shocking story, there was little time between the commercial’s release and the viewers’ response.

The 1 minute 30 seconds ad, gathered twelve famous cars from important movies, and in less than a day, it managed to reach 3,800,000 views on Walmart’s official channel alone; while on YouTube, it managed to gather 17 million views in a span of just two days. In addition to this, it revolutionized the networks with likes, comments and shares allowing it to become a trending topic.

TV fans, advertisers and car lovers, were shocked and did not hesitate to show their admiration for this commercial, created by Publicis Groupe-led Department W and directed by Wayne McClammy, who knew how to bring the attention of the many Walmart customers to the free delivery service being offered in parking lots of their stores.

This time, they decided to begin 2019 with "the largest and first national multiplatform marketing campaign for Walmart Grocery Pickup," the company said in a statement.

"Not only did we chose famous cars from iconic movies that we knew would be recognized by our customers, launched the campaign at the Golden Globes, but we also worked with different Hollywood studios to access these vehicles and ensure that the famous cars looked like exactly like they did in these movies, while still managing to demonstrate the ease, speed and convenience of the service that is being offered, to everyone regardless of the car you drive.”

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While The "Batmobile"; the Volkswagen Beetle of Bumblebee, from "Transformers"; "KITT" from the 1980’s series, "KnightRider"; "Lightning McQueen" from "Cars"; The "Mutt Cutts Van" from "Dumb and Dumber"; the "Wagon Queen Family Truckster", from "National Lampoon's Vacation", and the "Jeep Explorer" from Jurassic Park full of mini velociraptors, the "Flintmobile" from The Flintstones; the "Mystery Machine Van" with Scooby Doo; the "Pumpkin" from Cinderella, the "Ecto-1" with Slime, from Ghostbusters and the infallible "DeLorean" from "Back to the Future", generated nostalgia, all set musically with the theme of Gary Numan's "Cars". Even Sam Walton's Pick Up Ford F-150, founder of the supermarket chain, appears in the advertising piece.

Walmart has long been making powerful ads at film or television award ceremonies tha have demonstrated their capacity in the fields of creativity and innovation, such as the exciting moment one of its commercials offered during the 90th Academy Awards in 2018, in which they recruited actress Melissa McCarthy, as well as director Dee Rees and writer Nancy Meyers, to make one-minute ads inspired by the company's blue shipping boxes.

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