Woodcut and DRG make unscripted productions possible for the United Kingdom

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The commitment of these production companies is the risk of showinginnovative formulas to captivate the audience and give greater opportunity tothe exhibition of talent.

DRG TV, an English content creation company, created a new unscripted content partnership with Woodcut Media, thus betting on an innovative way of making audiovisual content. They will be counting on the advice of the consulting and talent representation group, The Development Partnership (TDP). This consulting firm will support the talent of the artists, and at the same time promote the projects of both companies to bring these productions that will be filmed in an improvised way, without a script that sets the pattern of what should be done and how, to the big screens.

The new relationship between these three companies will be nurtured by DRG's international market knowledge and the talent-based support of TDP with Woodcut, creating a team to develop and produce talent-driven, unscripted, globally appealing content, most of which will be distributed in the UK by DRG.

The three companies involved in this project support each other's joint ambitions to experience rapid growth in a variety of striking and diverse content, but in particular, it places DRG at the heart of content creation. More over, by combining talent with genuine projects, Woodcut Media and The Development Partnership are able to create a new sequence of authentic programming with real facts.

For its part, TDP points out that this model will work only for some projects and will only be applied when it adds value for everyone involved. The company will provide a new way for producers to engage with talent.

In the case of Woodcut Media and DRG, this is not the first alliance between them, as they had previously worked on the creation of the documentary "Football: A Brief History by Alfie Allen" for History Channel.This production tells the story of a player who had to give up what he loved mostly because of a knee injury, and then went on to become a big star in Game of Thrones.

Kate Beal, who currently holds the reins in Woodcut Media, is entering into this three-party agreement considering this new and risky project to be the next natural step in the relationship with The Development Partnership. "Now,with the international experience and broad support of DRG, we will be able to leverage our efforts," she said.

The growing demand for films and original TV content has resulted in content creation companies aimingto anticipate and be much more creative and innovative in the production process.

Woodcut, for example, also has several production development agreements in place. These include some two-year projects with TDP that are scripted forboth DRG and Atrium TV. In fact, the first project in development will be for Atrium TV and is named Cyrano, based on the heartbreaking and bloody love story of Edmond Rostand's classic, Cyrano de Bergerac.

Robert Taylor from The Development Partnership, stresses that the three companies share visions of giving talent a meaningful voice in the development and partnership with major producers for the execution of these projects. "We hope to continue to develop a list of global dramas that really catch the attention of platforms and audiences around the world.”

The UK and the worldwill have to wait for these projects to move beyond their pre- and post-production stages to choose between scripted productions or a new generation of content with more freedom in which human talent reigns.


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