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Innovation for Media Content Creation Certificate

This is the first online certification program that is specially designed for media content creators in the entertainment and creative industries. It teaches the concept of innovation and its implementation in any creative development process. 

  • Consists of 22 video-classes organized in 5 levels, each will cover effective proven tools and methodologies.
  • Self-paced, 4-week certificate program.
  • Participants receive the book innovation for media content creation by Producer Marlon Quintero and a live Q&A session.
  • This proven concept has been active for 6 years through seminars and master classes, with over 2,000 attendees in top universities and companies in Miami, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City and Caracas.

What You´ll Learn:

  • The necessary steps to set up a strategy for content creation and above all, how to be innovative. 
  • The process of discovery to unleash your creativity, ignite ideas and achieve eureka moments.
  • How to prepare concepts and understand the new multiplatform digital context, market and industry.
  • The drivers of content innovation and how to use them during the creation of outstanding new concepts.
  • All the necessary activities and resources needed to maintain your content creation process effective.
  • How to lead and manage a creative process that is constantly generating innovations.

Who is This Certification Program For?

All content in the media industry should get certified before embarking on the process of generating content for any platform.

  • Writers or aspiring writers who want to adopt a methodology to generate, organize and turn their ideas into reality.
  • Those setting up and managing creative operations that generate successful content non-stop.
  • Development and production assistants, coordinators, managers, directors.
  • Students who want to understand how the entertainment industry operates and how they can enter the work field already familiarized with the process to develop and create innovative content.
  • Those seeking for a way to break into the corporate world of entertainment as content developers in any genre, time slot or platform.
  • Content creators in film, tv, digital, social media or any corporation, also useful for people in advertising, music, gaming, theater and radio.
  • Enthusiasts, youtubers and amateurs who love to create content and want to take it to the next level. 

By the end of our 5-level program you’ll obtain the necessary knowledge to set up an efficient strategy for content creation and above all, for generating innovations. You’ll have a clear notion of all the necessary processes and resources needed to implement and maintain that strategy. By the end of the program, you’ll be ready to lead and manage a creative process to generate innovations. 

Level 1: Strategy Creativity & Innovation

  • Program Introduction
  • Strategy for Creative Professionals
  • What Does Creativity Mean for Content Creators?
  • Innovation: Definition and Classification
  • Drivers of Innovation I: Concept and Genre
  • Drivers of Innovation II: Story, Storytelling, Script and Show Dynamics
  • Drivers of Innovation III: Characters, Show Aesthetics and Production Values
  • Drivers of Innovation IV: Technology and Business Models

Level 2: Setting up the Conditions to Implement Innovation

  • The importance of leadership, learning, communication, collaboration, time and space, and the establishment of the right team.

Level 3: The Process of Discovery

  • Introduces the concept of “discovery” as the core of the innovation process in a way to guarantee reaching that very sought out EUREKA MOMENT.  

Level 4: The Process of Innovation for Media Content Creation

How to implement the value chain of content innovation, coming up with the best process to yield successful content. Topics: 

  • How to perform your own market and strategic research.
  • How to implement a process of creative exploration.
  • How to turn your ideas into a concept that is ready to pitch.
  • Strategies for selling your content.
  • What does the development and production process entail.
  • What are the supporting activities all creative professionals need to take into consideration in order to achieve a solid process in place (IT, Business Affairs, Admin).

Level 5: Strategy Sustainability Keeping the Value Chain of Innovation Fresh

  • The complete methodology comes full circle through this practical representation of the entire curriculum obtained during this certificate program.

Innovation for Media Content Creation: Tools and Strategies for Delivering Successful Content by Marlon Quintero
You will receive a hardcover format of this book when you enroll.

The Book:

Innovation for Media Content Creation provides a fresh approach to the creative, strategic, logistic, and managerial aspects of media content and television programming development.  Mr. Quintero has taken the philosophy and methodologies of innovation that have traditionally been used in other industries and applied it in the creative and media world of entertainment. This well-organized, step-by-step guide provides the framework and tools needed to deliver innovative, creative content successfully and consistently in today’s multi-platform television landscape. Executives, creative professionals, and students alike will find value in this one-of-a-kind book.

The Author:

Marlon Quintero is an International Emmy nominated producer with 25 years of experience, who has led the development and production of more than 4,800 hours of television programming around the world implementing solid processes of innovation for top broadcasters and content creators. Currently, Quintero is the Managing Director of CIC Media (Center for Innovation and Creativity in Media) where besides creating and producing content for various clients, he has developed InnovationMCC, an educational initiative comprising news and training opportunities aimed to bring the concept of innovation to creators of content globally.

Quintero has presented this initiative in Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Mexico and Caracas in important Universities and companies and is also an adjunct professor at Florida International University’s Department of Communication where he teaches Innovation for media content creation.

He has held leadership positions at companies such as Sony Pictures Television and Univision and through his company has worked for clients such as Warner Brothers, Zodiak, Sony Music, Discovery, BBC Studios, Sony Entertainment Television, Televisa International, Viacom, HBO & NBC Networks among others.

Marlon Quintero has a Master of Arts with emphasis in Television Production from San Francisco State University and an MBA with studies focused on Entertainment and International Business from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

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